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"Casa Nova", place of hospitality

Acceptance, hospitality and prayer: this is what pilgrims find in the hostels run by Franciscan friars. Located very close to the Holy Places, they represent an excellent accommodation for many visitors.

Director Casa Nova - Jerusalem
"Casanova, the house for pilgrims. Casa nova is the favorite place of all pilgrims who come to visit the Holy Land, the Holy Places. We have Casae Novae in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Tiberias, on Mount Tabor, in Ein Karem: all of them welcome pilgrims who come here".

Good reception facilities, rooms with bathroom, restaurants: the Casa Nova in Nazareth, as well as all the others, has always offered quality services to pilgrims. After March 11, due to the pandemic, it was completely emptied.

Director Casa Nova - Nazareth
“It means that there was no economic income for the Casa Nova. There was no income for the works of the Custody, nor to support the sanctuaries, but above all there was no income for the workers of Casa Nova".

The Casa Nova in Bethlehem was also visited in the past by Popes. Now, without the tourists, even this place is empty.

Responsible for bookings - Casa Nova - Bethlehem
“A lot of people had to come this year, we were overbooked! Several people were also staying in other hotels so that everyone could work in Bethlehem. Unfortunately we had to close in March because of the Coronavirus, and so far the house has been closed, we have not worked anymore.

Director Casa Nova - Bethlehem
“We are in difficulty because all the offerings that came from Good Friday helped us a lot to support the Christians of the Holy Land and all the Casae Novae".

The Terra Sancta Collection contributes to the maintenance of the hostels for pilgrims run by the Franciscan friars. Like this one, near the Sanctuary where John the Baptist was born.

Director Casa Nova - Ein Karem
"It is one of the smallest Casae Novae among those running today, with 30 rooms plus an area - where we are now - that we renovated in 2015, where pilgrims who stopped only for lunch come, or rather came before the pandemic. The Pro Terra Sancta Collection is needed...also for these purposes, it is needed for the Casae Novae, to protect our employees, to protect the structure itself, because it is clear that the structure cannot be abandoned: it must be maintained, it must be cleaned every day, inside it there must always be ordinary maintenance".

Franciscans, workers and pilgrims because of the pandemic were faced with a new and sad reality: the house is empty...waiting for better times.


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