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Custodial Communication Office

Communication has always been an important thing for the Custody of the Holy Land. Since the times in which it was the only latin rite catholic representative in the Holy Land, the Custody was made the spokesman of the christian community and ambassador of the Holy See, in close cooperation with the rest of the Franciscan Order. In more recent times, the Custody has been able to adapt its work of divulging and spreading information to various and more modern means of communication: from books and reviews to internet sites, and even the recent creation of a video production center.

The custodial communication office, which coordinates the various communication activities, is located at the Monastery of St. Savior,  in Jerusalem. Volunteers and workers describe the projects and daily life at the Custody of the Holy Land on the official website and on social media. Through the website, we try to reach the friars, the faithful, the pilgrims and all those who are scattered around the world and want to follow news updates from the Holy Land.

Christian Media Center

In Jerusalem, on January 12, 2008, the inauguration of the Franciscan Media Center, which in 2014 became the Christian Media Center (CMC), took place. This multimedia center came about with the mission to bring the message of beauty to the Holy Land, and from here the need emerges to tell a different story.

Archaeology, current affairs, culture, events, pilgrims, ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue, the life of local Christians and faith...these are the topics covered by the daily reports published on the CMC website making up Terra Santa News. This weekly bulletin is is well known now and broadcast by the most eminent Catholic media outlets around the world. Content is enriched by documentaries and spirituality pages produced by the center.

Fondazione Terra Santa

Libreria Terra Santa

Established in 2011 in Rome, the Fondazione Terra Santa (Holy Land Foundation) is a tool to provide cultural entertainment and knowledge on the reality of the Middle East, from a historical, religious, archaeological and socio-political point of view. The Fondazione Terra Santa finances the Edizioni Terra Santa (ETS), the Holy Land Library, the Custodian Pilgrimage Office and the Holy Land Exhibitions projects.

Founded in 2005, the Edizioni Terra Santa production center inherited the legacy of the Franciscan Printing Press, a Franciscan printing house located in Jerusalem since 1847 and co-editor of the institutional series promoted by the Custody. The ETS catalog includes scientific and archaeological works about the Christian presence in the Holy Land and about the inter-religious dialogue, the peace process, handbooks and multimedia works that promote news updates about the Holy Land today and that are a practical tool during visits to the Holy Places. ETS is the publishing center for content production and printing of the Terrasanta (Italian edition and Portuguese edition) and Eco di Terra Santa magazines.

Libreria Terra Santa, which has been located in Milan since 2009, has been a point of reference in Italy for all the fans of the Middle East, pilgrimages and hikes. In addition to books, it offers presentations, "literary apéritifs" and series of meetings.

The Tierra Santa Center

The Tierra Santa Center is based in Madrid and has undergone a major restructuring since September 26, 2016. While it previously focused on organizing pilgrimages, now its activity focuses on the edition of Tierra Santa magazine and other publications.


The Custody of the Holy Land finances the production of some magazines in six different languages (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and English) in order to divulge information about Christian life in the Holy Land and beyond.

Magazines and magazine websites are not official bodies of the Custody of the Holy Land, therefore they do not intend to express the official point of view of the Custody on the topics discussed.


Terrasanta is the bi-monthly Italian magazine presented in 64 pages by Edizioni Terra Santa. Through expert contributions its goal is to be a tool for an in-depth knowledge of the complex reality of the Holy Land. It deals with religious, cultural, biblical, archaeological and ecumenical themes. SUBSCRIBE TO TERRASANTA

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Terre Sainte Magazine

Terre Sainte Magazine is a 60 page colorful bi-monthly magazine in French. Terre Sainte Magazine leads its readers to the discovery of the Eastern Churches including Judaism and Islam. It offers portraits of people engaged in peace, analyses of the great debates that touch Israeli-Palestinian society, field reports and also spiritual meditations. SUBSCRIBE TO TERRE SAINTE MAGAZINE

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Tierra santa

Tierra Santa

Tierra Santa is a 64 bi-monthly colorful magazine that reaches the entire Spanish-speaking world. It gives information about the Middle East and offers a deeper knowledge about the Holy Places of Redemption, and about the biblical, archaeological, historical and geographical themes of the Holy Land, as well as ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue with Judaism and Islam. SUBSCRIBE TO TIERRA SANTA

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Revista Terra Santa

Terra Santa is the Portuguese magazine that is published four times a year; it is packaged at the headquarters of Edizioni Terra Santa in Milan and later is shipped to Portuguese-speaking countries. The Terra Santa Magazine offers articles on Biblical texts, archaeology, ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue with the contribution of specialists who help to deepen the knowledge of the Holy Land. SUBSCRIBE TO TERRASANTA

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The Holy Land Review

The Holy Land Review is the English-language magazine produced in four issues per year by the Franciscan Monastery of the Custody of the Holy Land in Washington. The Holy Land Review is for all those who wish to increase their knowledge of the cultural and spiritual aspects of the Holy Land, with articles on the Bible, current affairs, ecumenism, archaeology, culture and inter-religious dialogue. SUBSCRIBE TO THE HOLY LAND REVIEW

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Al’rd Almuqadasa

Al’rd Almuqadasa: is the magazine in Arabic, which has recently changed its name to المقدسة الأرض (transliterated ‘Al’rd Almuqadasa’, which means 'Holy Land'). It has been under renovation since January 2018 and currently operates only on social media. FOLLOW IT

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eco ts

Eco di Terra Santa

Eco di Terra Santa is a tabloid in Italian that is published in six issues per year and is sent to all those interested in the Holy Places and to those who make a donation to the works of the Custody of the Holy Land. RECEIVE ECO DI TERRA SANTA

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Frati della Corda

Frati della Corda is the magazine of the Custody of the Holy Land, produced for internal communication for the friars of the Custody. One issue is printed per month and it also has existed in the form of a weekly newsletter since 2018.

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Franciscan Printing Press

The story begins halfway along the 19th century and still continues. This is the story of the printing press of the Custos of the Holy Land. It was once called the Franciscan print room and today the Franciscan Printing Press. It is the bearer of a long and great tradition in the church of Saint Saviour and in its current main headquarters at the foot of the Mount of Olives in Betphage.

The Franciscan printing press is currently part of the ETS publishing brand and it is at the service not only of the community of brothers for liturgical booklets in a range of languages but also for the local community. The process and results are able to marry up beauty and care for tradition with innovation and modernity.