Condolence message of Custos Patton to King Charles III | Custodia Terrae Sanctae

Jerusalem, September 9th, 2022



His Royal Majesty

King Charles III


Your Majesty 

May I take opportunity to express personally and on behalf of the Franciscan Friars of the Custody of the Holy Land, our deepest sympathy and condolences following the recent loss of your beloved mother Queen Elizabeth. We are thinking and praying for you and all the members of the Royal family during these difficult and painful days of grief and sorrow here in the Shrines of the Holy Land.

Queen Elizabeth was the model of a dedicated, committed and inspired leader, serving her people with devotion and kindness to the very end. The tremendous outpouring of love shown following the announcement of her death was a tribute and confirmation of that love, both from her own people and from the world at large.

May we all take courage from the words of our Saviour: “I am the resurrection and the life saith the Lord; whosoever believeth in me, even if he die, shall live, and whososeverliveth and believeth in Me shall never die” (John 11:25-26), for it is in that sure and certain hope of the Resurrection that we know we have the promise life eternal and it is in that hope that we are comforted and consoled until we too are called to the Father’s House to be with Him forever. Queen Elizabeth during her life would surely have drawn hope from these words; we pray that they will also bring you comfort and consolation.

Please count on our heartfelt prayer for you Your Majesty throughout all the Shrines of the Holy Land as you take on your new responsibilities.

 “God save the King”


Fr. Francesco Patton ofm

Custos of the Holy Land

Fr. Alberto Joan Pari ofm

Secretary of theHoly Land