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Solemn Entrance into the Sepulchre of the Minister General of the Order

Minister General
"Continue, dear brothers of the Custody of the Holy Land, to convey this message: even in this land, said Benedict XVI in Nazareth, it’s truly possible to create a space of love and coexistence, with the strength of faith and the proclamation of Christ."

Much gratefulness was expressed to the friars of the Custody for the many works through which they have taken care of this land and its inhabitants now for eight centuries without interruption.

"This mission is important to us; know that the General Definitory fully supports you.”

Father Carballo, Minister General of the Friars Minor, is busy these days in the Holy Land with the spiritual exercises, together with the friars of the Definitory.

On Wednesday, May 2, he made his solemn entry into the Holy Sepulchre, according to a ritual rooted in tradition. The procession which accompanied him to the Basilica started from Jaffa Gate, one of the main access gates through the ancient walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. It’s a place of much activity for the Jerusalemites and pilgrims who stop out of curiosity to observe the arrival of the Father General, the meeting and embrace with the representatives of the different Christian churches of the Holy City, and the departure to the basilica through the souk - the market, which colors the narrow streets of stone. This is followed by the arrival to the Sepulchre, the welcome of the Custos in front of the Stone of Unction, and the prayer in the Empty Tomb.

"Our presence here, as Friars Minor - Pizzaballa recalled in his address to the General - is intended to demonstrate with our life to the faithful who come here from all over the world that which was proclaimed right here: 'He is not here. He is risen, as he said. Within the wounds of this land and within the relationships that history has given us, we want to witness to the resurrection and the life."