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Second Edition of the Magnificat Open Music

Classics from Mozart, Bach sonatas, and pieces from Shuman… for the Magnificat Open Music, the second edition of the musical festival organized by the Magnificat Institute of the Custody of the Holy Land in Jerusalem. Every Tuesday in May in Saint Saviors, a varied program of pieces by great composers accompanies the public – composed especially of locals – through the discovery of classical music. With a small footnote: only the students of the Franciscan school, sometimes with the help of their teachers, perform the pieces. The second event on Tuesday May 8 saw the exhibition of a diverse group, made up of children of all ages, with one main goal:

Treasurer, Magnificat
"…to accustom the children to play in front of an audience and to play together, either among themselves or with their teachers. This encourages mutual growth and maturation both as musicians and as people, creating happy relationships in the environment."

For this performance, much space was devoted to strings and chamber ensembles. The pieces were chosen from the vast repertoire of classical music, with a few selections of some famous melodies. Some performed individually, while others joined together in duets.

Teacher, Magnificat
"I am very happy because finally they have an opportunity to play and demonstrate to the audience everything that they learned in the school. Now they play and the audience applauds, everyone is happy because we can see the fruit of their work."

There are still three events separating us from the grand final on May 29 in the church of St. Saviour. The invitation is always extended to everyone, because the goal remains the same.

Treasurer, Magnificat
"To open the music to all music lovers... because music should not only be studied but also played."