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The Religious Family of the Incarnate Word

It was founded in San Rafael in Argentina. Today the Religious Family is made up of the Institute of the Incarnate Word, the Servants of the Lord and of the Virgin Mary of Matará and of the Third Secular Order. 
The charisma of this religious group lies in ennobling through Christ everything that is authentically human. The spirituality is deeply marked by the mystery of the Incarnation, the “first and fundamental mystery of Jesus Christ" and from here there is an attempt to incarnate the Word in everything that is truly human. 

The collaboration with the Custody is through various services in different places: in Naim through assistance to pilgrims; in Jaffa the sisters of the Incarnate Word run the primary school and help the friars in the parish and liturgical apostolate; in Bethlehem the sisters help with the liturgies in Arabic and with the catechism according to the needs of the Franciscan religious superiors; a contemplative community lives in Zippori to pray daily for all the members of the Custody of the Holy Land and lastly in Jerusalem a priest of the Incarnate Word teaches philosophy at the Studium Biblicum Francescanum whilst another hears confessions at the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre.


Sr. Maria Pia Carbajal
P.O.B. 825
91007 Jerusalem

Tel. +972 02 2754520

Tel Aviv - Yafo
Sr. Maria del Pilar Vargas
80 Yaphet st.
P.O.B. 41160

Tel. 03 6824828
Fax. 03 6813407