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The 7th World Tourism Congress in Cancun

The wonderful city of Cancun, in Mexico, has been chosen as the host of the the 7th World Tourism Congress.

250 people from over 42 countries have given the congress that international flair necessary for these type of events.

From 23 to 27 of April, the week was dedicated to what the Pope called “a typical phenomenon of our era”, in his written opening message.

Special attention was given to religious tourism and pilgrimages, whose numbers have recently gone up. The Holy Land, in particolar, has been swept away by visitors, who have arrived in large numbers last month: over 350,000, about 19% more compared to last year.
The Tourism Ministry estimates that in all likelyhood this year will be a repeat of last year’s resounding success. These numbers were taken into account, especially in the Mexican context.

Dir. Christian Information Center
"The Holy Land came up often in conversations and discussions here because it’s the privileged destination of religious tourism, of pilgrimages. The pilgrimage is not the place where a Christian goes to see the Holy Places, but to meet the person of God , meaning where he walks along the steps of the 5th Gospel.”

Father Pietro Felet secretary of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land, presented an important report on the situation in the Holy Land.

Starting from God’s Land as a privileged place for any pilgrimage, Father Felet illustrated the legislation, difficulties and needs of pilgrimages. “A chance not to be missed for anyone – said Felet - for those who go and those who lead the pilgrimage. Both need to be prepared to live a trip to the Land of Christ…with an eye on those who visit the Holy Land for a shorter periodo of time, as tourists. This is the case of cruises that often bring a lot of people to Jerusalem. Crowds of tourists literally invade the holy place, although this may also be an opportunity for them.”

Dir. Christian Information Center
“Cruses can also be an opportunity to bring the message, as the Pope said during the congress, to tell these people about the value of Christ, which is the maximum they can aspire to meet in the Holy Land.”