Welcoming, memory, evangelization: the 4th Congress of Commissioners

The Congress of the Commissioners of the Holy Land continues with conferences, excursions and the sharing of the various realities of the Holy Land.

Pilgrimages, biblical and anthropological aspects; Sanctuaries of the Holy Land in archaeology and tradition; The presentation of the New Guide to the Holy Land; Formation of pilgrim groups in relation to agencies; The sanctuary in the Holy Scriptures; The proclamation of the Word of God during the pilgrimage; Liturgical and devotional celebrations in the sanctuaries of the Holy Land. These were the topics that were covered in the conferences.

Sharing of both the achievements and the challenges of the various Commissariats.

Thursday, November 29th began with a Mass celebration for the Solemnity of all the saints of the Order, presided over by Fr. Michael Perry, Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor.

As we recall to mind, the saints and holy men of our Seraphic Order, let us return to the sanctity of life and live fully by the Rule and Life we received from St. Francis, endorsed by Pope Honorius III on November 29, 1223.

I have been invited to speak on the importance of the Custody of the Holy Land for the "Franciscan Order ". I am full of joy in doing this, thanks to the strength of my personal conviction regarding the vital importance of the Custody, both in today's present life of the Order as well as in its ancient tradition.

Minister General of the Order of the Friars Minor

It is very important for the whole Order, I would not even say important, but I would say organic to who we are, as Friars Minor, to the Custody of Holy Land.

Minister General of the Order of the Friars Minor

The presence of the friars here in the Holy Land, of which we have already celebrated the 800 years, but of which we will celebrate the meeting of Francis with the sultan, we must keep in mind that the mission continues, the mission of God continues to welcome people, in accompanying them, to be brothers to everyone in the Holy Land. And from the Holy Land to bring this message to all corners of the world and what God has made available for the future of humanity is very positive and gives hope for the future, much more than what we see today.

The day concluded with the International Holy Hour at Gethsemane.