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 A week full of celebrations at the Terra Santa School in Ramleh


Title: A week full of celebrations at the Terra Santa School in Ramleh

Date:14 June 2012



The Terra Santa School, in Ramleh, experienced a week full of events that started on Friday the 8th of June, conferring diplomas of the 17th cycle.

The shedule was packed with events which were organized by the students: dance and singing moments, that colored, gave joy and hope to the very participated feast

F. Abdel Masih Fahim, the school’s principal, during his speech summarized the importance of the school in 3 words: the Flag, Science and the Sign

The Flag, since 1728, flies high up the skies of Ramleh;

Science is the school’s main fulcrum; an action that marks the destiny of future generations, earth where the seeds of life’s values are planted;

The Sign, represents the stock of knowledge that students learn and bring with them along their whole life’s path, to have a carrier and a better future. 


On Thursday the 14th of June, at Ramleh’s school, the big feast continued, to lay the new school’s structure “cornerstone”.

At the ceremony, the Custos of the Holy Land F. Pierbattista Pizzaballa was present, with parents, teachers and the school’s staff, numerous religious, principals of local schools, representatives of the Mayor of Ramleh and Charity members.

In the welcome speech to the assembly, Professor Joseph Albina, illustrated the school's  enlargement project . The initiative foresees the construction of new classrooms, equipped laboratories with new generation technology and equipment, functional to raise the school’s efficiency and bring it to a modern and professional level, an indispensable modern instrument for the country’s cultural growth.

F. Abdel Masih Fahim, thanked  the Custody for its generous material and moral support, that granted the realization of this project, in favor of the city of Ramleh and its people.


When the speeches concluded the Custos gave his blessing to the cornerstone, laying the foundations for the realization of the educational- scholastic project of an immense cultural and social value.  

The ceremony was followed by a reception, an exchange of greetings, offered to all the present.


F.  Abdel Masih announced that the Local Council of Ramleh had recently issued the council’s license and settled the latest legal files, so that the construction works can soon start and which are expected to end by the biennium 2014-2015.


The Franciscan school in Ramleh is for the life of the city, where Arabs and Jews live.

The many activities, educational and cultural events organized by the school, enhance the aggregation among the local population, encouraging a culture of peace, tolerance and social harmony, in the difficult and complex contest, i.e. the one in Ramleh.

Over the years, passing through various stages, the school has greatly developed. Today, the school is attended by about three hundred and fifty students, yet a rapid increase in numbers within the next years is expected.