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Walking Palestine

By foot along the roads of the West Bank. It’s an area whose political implications are often discussed, regarding the conflict, the disputed land, and some would say the “occupation”... An area that has a real beauty to discover, provided you look at it from a different point of view... This is the proposal of the guide "Walking Palestine", recently presented in Jerusalem by its author, a young man from the Netherlands who for work reasons has spent several years between Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

A passionate walker, he walked the roads of the West Bank, almost every weekend on a different journey, creating around him a group now exceeding 200 people.
From the desire to share the discoveries and the beauty of the places he visited was born the book, which contains 25 routes, each dedicated to a different theme, including practical information, historical insights, and tips:

Author of the Guidebook “Walking Palestine”

"The idea is to promote the Palestinian Territories, in the eyes of foreigners but especially of its own inhabitants. "There are some wonderful places but they are little known - Stefan continues - where people seldom go. I hope that this guide can be an incentive to discover them and visit them... "