Third Sunday The people were waiting expectantly | Custodia Terrae Sanctae

Third Sunday The people were waiting expectantly

Waiting must not make us unable to move, yet if it becomes commitment , this commitment cannot be but a joyful one. Rejoice, brighten up.. this is the chorus of another step on the advent path.
The people await. In every mans heart there is the desire to research joy and of a complete knowledge of a passed lifetime which is not lost but enriches since it becomes time of grace: Kairos!
Expecting becomes an act of hope and faith guarantees that Christ's presence fills us with joy and captivates us. A Christian cannot forget the joy, also amidst the real problems and afflictions of the days that pass.
We are awaiting more and better days, days of peace, calm days , days of brotherhood. This expectation must not be postponed infinitely but must become concrete in everybody's hearts and loved by the Emanuel that reaches us.
The people's awaiting cannot be let down, since it is the entire humanity that asks to love looking at our neighbor and not hide his face.
If we will be able to educate ourselves, in hope, in an active and real charitable way we will be able to welcome our brothers, either friends of enemies, alike us or different. Our brother will always be a choice: a person to love and meet.

Greetings of a close and joyful Christmas!
F. Marcello Badalamenti, OFM