The Taubanda’s Christmas greetings at the Italian embassy in Tel Aviv | Custodia Terrae Sanctae

The Taubanda’s Christmas greetings at the Italian embassy in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Friday, 9th December 2011

The “Taubanda” from Akko accompanied the traditional Christmas greetings of the Italian Embassy in Tel Aviv to the religious each year. “This participation,” said the founder of the band, Father Quirico Calella, “is an act of gratitude to the Embassy and the Ambassador’s friends who helped us restore the Taumusica Center, which was inaugurated in Akko this year.” Created two years ago on the initiative of Father Calella, the Taubanda and the Taumusica Center are developing thanks to a collaboration between the Conservatory of Akko and the local Custody of the Holy Land School, of which Father Quirico is the Head Teacher. The band, made up of Jewish, Christian and Muslim children between 11 and 15 years old, is beginning to make a name for itself in the Holy Land and abroad, where it took part in a section on the Festival of the Valley of Itria, conducted as usual by the Belarusian maestro Borsi Ekelchik.

On this occasion, the Taubanda made their appearance with the new banner and personalized uniforms. The logo is a “flying” friar, attached to the cord of a Tau (the symbol of the Franciscans), which forms a clef framed by the words “Terra Santa Tau Banda” with Akko in the background.
The evening of Christmas greetings started solemnly with the performance of the Hymn of the Holy Land –with everyone standing to listen to it- followed by the best known Christmas melodies in various arrangements. Words of praise and thanks were pronounced by the Ambassador Luigi Mattiolo, by the Apostolic Nonce Mons. Antonio Franco and by Mons. Giacinto Marcuzzo, Patriarchal Vicar for Israel.