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Tantur: Celebrating 40 years of activity in the Holy Land


The Ecumenical Institute of Tantur celebrated forty years of foundation in the Holy Land (1972-2012). For the occasion, the Institute organized two days of study and reflection, October 26 and 27, on the theme: “Hope for Unity: Living Ecumenism today”.

In n atmosphere of sharing and communion, the speakers detailed the activities carried out by the Institute on the theme of ecumenical dialogue, in a particular context such as the Holy Land.
Since 1972, the Institute, commissioned by Pope Paul VI and located atop a hill situated between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, has welcomed members of the clergy and lay experts, teachers and students or anyone who wants to spend a period of study in a spiritual, communal atmosphere.
The Institute offers educational courses of varying duration, during which time participants can study the history and traditions of the Holy Land, as well as the rich religious and cultural heritage of the communities that live side by side for centuries.
Courses are offered to deepen ones understanding of Judaism and Islam.
In this land where Christianity has its roots, where Jesus prayed that they may all be one with the Father, the Institute continues to testify, even worldwide, the importance of ecumenism and theological, historical and cultural formation.
An oasis of study, research and spiritual quest where one can share an experience in the Land of Sacred Scripture with scholars, teachers, students of all faiths, clergy and members of religious communities, university groups; a testimony that fellowship is possible in each place and at all times.