Sunday 12th March 2006:Lent at the Holy Sepulchre

This Sunday, once again, Mons. Kamal Bathish presided over the 8:30am Mass in the Basilica of th Holy Sepulchre. He arrived in the basilica, accompanied by the Franciscan Friars who brought him processionally there from the Latin Patriarcate.

The entrance and procession with the Patriarch or one of his delegates – during Lent – are the solemn version of the welcome given to the pilgrimages of old that arrived from overseas (cf: Second Saturday of Lent at the Holy Sepulchre), and represent the welcome attributed to a dignatory who visited the Basilica. Prior to 1848 and the restoration of the Latin Patriarch, it was the Custos of the Holy Land that made his solemn entrance.

The Patriarch presides over the Mass without celebrating, in a certain way, this is the preaching of the Lenten retreat to the Patriarch by the parish priest of Saint Saviour or his substitute. The celebration that takes place follows the Ritual of the Bishops.