Signature of an agreement between the Custody of the Holy Land and Italian Institutions

Jerusalem, 8 October 2019

On Tuesday 8th October at 6.00 p.m. at the Custody of the Holy Land, a framework agreement was signed between the Custody of the Holy Land and “La VenariaReale” Foundation Centre for the Preservation and Restoration of the Cultural heritage of Turin in collaboration with the Department of Classical Studies of  “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

The signature is part of the agreement signed by the three major Christian communities, custodians of the Holy Place and responsible for the Status Quo in the Holy Sepulchre, to start the second phase of restoration of the foundations of the Edicule and the floor of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre.

The two academic institutions will have the task of carrying out an in-depth study of the current state of the site, including from the historical-archaeological point of view and preparing the final project of the restoration work necessary.

The work will be funded by the three main Christian communities present in the Holy Sepulchre: the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate, the Custody of the Holy Land and the Armenian Patriarchate.