National Day of Spain celebrated in Jerusalem | Custodia Terrae Sanctae

National Day of Spain celebrated in Jerusalem


Just as in the Sanctuary of Zaragoza, the Feast of Our lady of the Pillar was celebrated in the Church of St. Saviour the morning of October 12, 2012. Spanish-speaking religious and faithful, as well as others, joined in the celebration.

Fra Artemio Vitóres, Custodial Vicar, presided over the Mass, joined by concelebrants Fra Carlos Molina, Fra Enrique Bermejo, and others. The Consul General of Spain, Alfonso Portabales, and his wife were present at the celebration, along with the authorities of the Spanish Civil Guard, whose protectress is the Virgin of the Pillar.

In his homily, Fra Artemio stressed the importance of the figure of Mary in everyday life as an example to be imitated, and how she was and is the soul of the mission. He briefly recalled the story of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to Apostle James (Santiago) and his disciples in Zaragoza.

The Feast “pilarica”, celebrated October 12th, is the day of “hispanidad”, that is, the day of Spain and of all the nations of Spanish language and culture. Not only that, it is a day of celebration on which is customary to refer historically to the discovery of the Americas on October 12, 1492, merited to Christopher Columbus. From 1730, Pope Clement XII instituted the commemoration of this feast throughout the Spanish Empire.
In 1984, Blessed John Paul II, traveled to Zaragoza, to venerate the Holy image of Maria.

After the Mass, those participating gathered for refreshments in the divano of the Convent of St. Saviour.