Live the Time of the Lent with us

"PodLectio. Meditations from the Holy Land” and “Witnesses”: the two initiatives of the Custody of the Holy Land 

"PodLectio. Meditazioni dalla Terra Santa”
"PodLectio. Meditazioni dalla Terra Santa”

At the start of Lent, a time of reflection and conversion in preparation for Easter, the Custody of the Holy Land is proposing two important initiatives through its multimedia channels to accompany the faithful all over the world along the Lenten journey.

The first project is "PodLectio. Meditations from the Holy Land”: every day during Lent, a friar of the Custody meditates on the Gospel of the day. PodLectio wants to offer a daily meditation directly from the places of the Redemption: where Jesus, the Son of God, was born, lived, worked, died and rose. The meditation, in Italian, will be proposed by the Guardians and by the friars who live in the place mentioned in the Gospel of the day.

The first appointment is for 22nd February Ashe Wednesday, when the Custos of the Holy Land, fr. Francesco Patton, will start the series of PodLectio. Then, every morning, the new meditation will be available directly on mobile devices, to accompany us every day along the path of the time approaching Easter.

Podlectio Meditations are available at:

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The second initiative is “Witnesses”. In ten different reels, posted on the Custody’s social media (FacebookInstagramTwitter) some young friars from the Custody who live in Jerusalem will give their testimony on their vocational calling.

Ten friars, from ten different countries, to show the internationalism of the Franciscan community in the Holy Land and emphasize the universality of the message of St Francis of Assisi.

The appointment is every Tuesday and Friday in Lent on the social media pages of the Custody to walk together during this important time of the liturgical year.