II Sunday of Advent– Prepare the way | Custodia Terrae Sanctae

II Sunday of Advent– Prepare the way

Readings Bar 5,1-9; Psalms 125; Philippians 1,4-6,8-11; Luke 3,

John the Baptist's image reminds us about a vital aspect of the church and therefore about every member of the church, to become a precursor, to prepare the way that we must undertake , preaching what is new, tracing the path that one must follow... actions and behaviors that must make every single believer do his best, putting himself in front of the others humbly and essentially as a precursor.
A Precursor knows that Jesus Messiah is present, this knowledge becomes afoot of big news. His word is like the one of the prophets, it brightens the night, livens up darkness, it pierces obscurity and becomes light, which brightens, becomes a warm fire and a day that stays.
The church must find itself, repository of the force of faith that does not have a past of imposition and superiority, yet is a mustard seed from which fruits will ripen, a gram of yeast that will ferment. A humble church, yet strong in its mission, will coexist with the world, a world that often is arrogant and conceited, but which longs and waits for the truth, a presence that reflects the joy of meeting our Lord, that after all the waiting will become true and will fulfill all times.

Best wishes of conversion!