“Heritage Open Days” at Saint Saviour | Custodia Terrae Sanctae

“Heritage Open Days” at Saint Saviour

Last Saturday (12/9) four groups of Israeli Jews visited St. Saviour’s Monastery as part of the project “Heritage Open Days”. This project exists in over 50 countries around the world and this is the third time it takes in Jerusalem. In Israel, “Heritage Open Days” project is called “Batim Mebfnim” which literally translates from the Hebrew to “Houses from Within” in English.

The project is open to the public, is free of charge, and incorporates dozens of institutions, private homes, and sites throughout Jerusalem. The project reveals the rich architecture, varied cultural backgrounds and the various societies of the city. The project is in cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality and other institutions in the city.

This year, The Custody of the Holy Land also took part in the project and allowed about a hundred and fifty people to visit the Monastery of St. Saviour; the visit included the Mother of Pearl Hall, The Refectory, and the building of the Curia (administrative offices) that is now in the former place of the Franciscan Printing Press. The guests arrived, from Jerusalem and from all over the country, young and old, religious and secular, as well as new immigrants and listened to the explanations given by Br. Oscar MARIO, OFM about the history of the monastery, the extensive activities of the Franciscans and the daily lives of friars.
This was a great opportunity for the Israeli Jews who do not know the activities of the Franciscan Order to be exposed to the significant contribution of the Order to the local population.

Hana Bendcowsky

Jerusalem Center for Jewish- Christian Relations.