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The Eucharistic Symphony: DVD of the Ecumenical Concert presented at Jaffa Gate

The presentation of the Eucharistic Concert DVD took place today at the public bookstore of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate at Jaffa Gate. The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III, along with Custodial Vicar Fra Artemio, who represented the Custos, were present for the showing of extracts from the DVD.

The Eucharistic Symphony is the DVD of the concert that took place in the Garden of Gethsemane last September 22nd. The music was composed by Fra Armando Pierucci. The extracts that were screened at the presentation alternated vocal performances with richly colorful liturgical scenes.

From the Greek Orthodox liturgy to the Latin, by way of Russian Orthodox, Melchite, and Apostolic Armenian liturgies—these are the melodies of no fewer than twelve Christian liturgical traditions present in the Holy Land that inspired Fra Armando’s music.

At the first concert, which took place in the Garden of Gethsemane, twelve heads of the different Churches or their representatives chanted liturgical chants from their own traditions a capella to introduce the concert. A choir and orchestra then interpreted the Eucharistic Symphony.

Fra Armando, the organist at the Holy Sepulchre, is also the founding director of the Magnificat Institute. At the Magnificat, located in the Franciscan monastery in the Old City, children and young people of all religions receive a high quality musical education.

Today’s presentation of the DVD was organized by the Association for the Promotion of an Extraordinary Prayer of the Churches for Reconciliation, Unity and Peace and by the Italian foundation House of the Spirit and the Arts.

“This was not only a choral experience, but also an experience of living together [by representatives of the different Churches],” explains Mgr. Jules, exarch of the Greek Catholic Church. Describing the choir’s trip to Italy and Switzerland to give a concert to the United Nations, he added: “Perhaps one day we heads of Churches should live one, two, three days, or a week together. It would make unity easier.”

Fra Armando, summarizing the choir’s spirit, says, “We have several voices, but we form one choir. We have several Churches, but we form one single Body of Christ.”

Cyrille David