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Do something nice for yourself and help the Christians in the Holy Land

The NGO ATS Pro Terra Sancta is increasing its initiatives so as to finance its projects for the Christians of the Holy Land and the most underprivileged populations who are supported by Christian institutions.

As of a few months ago, there is now at the Christian Information Center at Jaffa Gate a new representation of the Holy Sepulcher. It is a cross between art and architecture. It is not for sale but is given in exchange for a minimal gift, as indicated. One might say that is a very subtle difference, since you do spend something in order to obtain it. The whole difference lies in the fact that all of the money thus collected is passed on to projects of the NGO.

The drawing is on a magnetized paper board and was done free of charge by two Italians, Raffaela Zardone, who draws, and Paola Pozzo, an architect. Raffaella had come to take a course at the Flagellation. That is where she got to know Friar Eugenio Alliata, who made use of her artistic enthusiasm and her passion for the Holy Sepulcher.

The representation of the Holy Sepulcher began its existence as a game. Based on the plans Friar Eugenio had given her, Raffaella showed him what she could do using a software program for architecture. Tommaso Saltini from ATS Pro Terra Sancta knew about the draft. Everyone who saw it in his office was charmed by the work that revealed the architecture of a place where the situating of chapels in relation to one another is hard to see during a quick visit. The desire to share this better view of the holy place caused Tommaso to ask Raffaella to develop a more complete project. According to Friar Eugenio, from a scientific point of view, the result is not entirely exact. But with the support of Friar Eugenio, Raffaella could perfect it when she is able to use the seismic layouts done at the university of Florence within the context of a study on the Holy Sepulcher. On the other hand, the animated result is already very beautiful, and you can have the idea that you’ve been transported into another dimension so as to admire the jewel box of our faith.

In addition to the Christian Information Center, these representations can be found in a few shops in the Holy Land. Since their distribution is not for business reasons but for charity, the NGO ATS hopes to develop contacts with travel agencies, institutions, enterprises, etc. who could give it to their customers or employees in return for a gift to the NGO. For that, a personal touch could be given the cardboard envelope containing the artistic reproductions, so as to include the logo, a message from the enterprise…

The artistic articles based on the Holy Sepulcher are given in exchange for a gift for the Holy Land, starting with a minimum amount that is suggested according to the number requested.


You can order the suggested articles for a minimum sum of 50 euros. All articles must be considered as a gift in support of projects initiated by ATS Pro Terra Sancta, an NGO of the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land.

Groups, parishes, agencies who want information or who want to place an order so as to have a souvenir or as a gift or in order to sell something for the benefit of the Holy Land, please contact Ms. Doni Ferrari:

Tel. +39 030 347866
Fax: +39 030 5100361

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