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Church and Modernity: the Second Vatican Council and fifty years later: Grace and Outline for the New Evangelization


On Thursday afternoon in Saint Savior convent’s Immaculate Hall, Msgr. Francesco Iannone, held a conference whose title was: ”Church and Modernity: the Second Vatican Council: grace and outline for a new evangelization”. An initiative which was organized within the Permanent Formation Program of the Custody.

As proposed by the Religious Comity in Jerusalem at the Catholic Ordinary Assembly of the Holy Land, there will be many initiatives programmed during the Year of Faith, and these will be shared amongst the various Catholic communities of the Holy Land; to deepen, in every action, the life of faith.

Following the program presentation by F. Marcello Cichinelli, responsible of Permanent Formation Program of the Custody, F. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Custos of the Holy Land, greeted the public in the hall and presented the lecturer Msgr. Francesco Iannone, Professor of Dogmatic Theology at the Southern Italy Institute.

The present theme, is of great actuality and a precious help to live the “graces” that came from the church's recent events: the II Vatican Council Jubilee, the inauguration of the Year of Faith and the lately concluded Synod for New Evangelization. Fundamental topics to reach a full knowledge of the immense treasures the Church offers in these days.

In his conference Msgr. Francesco recalled the importance of Pope John XXIII intuition to call for a “Pastoral Council and not a council that formulated dogmas or sentenced declarations, a Council that helped the Church read the -signs of time- and live the present and the world, since the Church is not a museum to guard but a garden to cultivate. A knowledge that has shaded away these last two centuries for theological , historical and cultural reasons. " The II Vatican had the courage to start the dialogue again through modern thinking and open itself to the world, a place of joy and hope.
To preach Jesus Christ , the only Savior in the world, today appears more complex than the past, yet the mission has not changed, as the enthusiasm and courage that inspired the Apostles and the first disciples, who were sustained and moved by the Holy Spirit to open the doors of the Cenacle, making them the evangelists! We are not alone: we are accompanied by the great Evangelist: the Spirit of Jesus!"
At the conference conclusion, Msgr. Iannone answered, in a friendly but precise way, some questions asked by the public. The initiative ended with the "Creed" a daily prayer that was suggested for the Year of Faith celebration, so our hearts can believe, to obtain justice, and our mouths can profess our faith to obtain salvation.