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Acre Terra Santa School, 55th cycle, conferring diplomas


Title: Acre Terra Santa School, 55th cycle, conferring diplomas
Data: 15 June , 2012

Terra Santa School in Acre (Akko) has celebrated its commencement exercise, conferring diplomas on Friday evening, 15-06-2012, its 55th cycle.
The ceremony took place in one of the school halls and was presided by the Custody’s Vicar, F. Artemio Vitoris, and Mr. Adham Al Jamal, Deputy Mayor of Acre, also an old student of the school. A large number of parents and relatives accompanied their children in this happy particular moment with great joy. The celebration of the 32 students from the Scientific and Literary sections began with the sound of the school’s music band.

Fr. Quirico Calilla, the school’s principal, addressed the students, congratulating them and wishing both a prosperous future and fulfillment of their studies.

The Deputy Mayor, Mr. Adham Jamal, justifying the absence of the Mayor because of his commitments abroad, said that the town of Acre will contribute in building a new gym with very modern sport equipment.

The program rich in singing, music and dance moments, prepared by the schools’ students, was moderated by the graduates’ speeches in various languages, thanking the school and the teachers for their education.

Following the ceremony, the most expected moment was the certificate distribution to the graduates, then repeating a yearly tradition: the graduates hand the Custody’s flag to the twelfth grade students as a sign of continuity.

The presence of the Terra Santa School in Acre dates back to 1552, since it was a property, yet only in 1620 the Franciscan presence was reestablished during the domain of Prince Fakher Iddin.
It is the only Christian school in Akko, with more than 500 pupils. For centuries the Franciscans continue to work tirelessly for the integration and coexistence of this complex local community, which currently has about 35 000 Jews, 14 000 Arabs, and a small Christian minority.

Ilham Marshi