The Wedding at Cana, the first "sign" of Jesus

Cana is where Jesus performed the first miracle: the transformation of water into wine during a wedding feast. It was Mary, His mother, who offered Him the opportunity to intervene. In this small village, an important stage of the pilgrimage to Galilee, the first "sign" made by Jesus is remembered.

Vicar Custody Holy Land
"With the commemoration of the first miracle performed by Jesus here at Cana, we notice that Jesus begins to act, to carry out his mission among us.
We must think about all that has followed, about all the miracles that Jesus performed during His ministry, during His earthly life, but also about all those that He is still performing in our lives."

The events at Cana, told by the Gospel of John, are an important reference point for the bride and groom: they tell of Jesus' sympathy for them and for the family because Jesus chose a wedding feast to work his first miracle. That is why spouses from all over the world come here to renew the promises made on their wedding day.

Vicar Custody Holy Land
"The presence of Jesus during the marriage is also very important: certainly, there are different meanings, but the strongest one is that Jesus enters into the cell of human life, of family. His presence helps us to understand, to live this sacrament, to experience the mutual love between spouses."

The sanctuary which is known as the "First Sign of Jesus" was built in several stages towards the end of the 19th century, managed by the Franciscans of the Custody.

Superior Convent of Cana
"This is the place where Jesus performed the first miracle and transformed water into wine.
It is a place full of history for all the people from all over the world who come here. The event at Cana is very important for all the Christians who live in this land, especially for those who live here in this village of Kafr Kana: and it is very significant for us, especially for the couples, who are here today to renew their marriage vows."

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