Capernaum, the city of Jesus

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Capernaum – the city of Jesus in the Holy Land

The excavation site Capernaum is located on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee in the Holy Land. According to the Gospels it was here that Jesus Christ first settled down during his public appearances in the Holy Land, thus making Capernaum “his town”. Capernaum and the surrounding region soon witnessed the appointment of the first disciples, numerous miracles and parables by Jesus Christ in the Holy Land.

“The small fishing village of Capernaum, is of significant meaning to the history of Christianity. It was here that important events in the public life of Jesus Christ took place. Thus Capernaum is to be considered a jewel among the many historical and religious sites of the Holy Land. Capernaum needs to be presented accordingly, in order to reveal its secret to the open public.”

P. Pizzaballa – Custos of the Holy Land


Capernaum, a village situated in the Holy Land, was abandoned in the 11th century, the circumstances of which remain unclear. The remains of Capernaum were not rediscovered until the 19th century. In 1893 the site in the Holy Land was acquired by Franciscans/Grey Friars. The excavations in Capernaum have revealed a lot about the everyday life in the ancient small town situated in the Holy Land. Besides the numerous pots, coins and mosaics, the remains of several buildings were discovered in Capernaum, the town of Jesus in the Holy Land. A special highlight is a large synagogue of the 5th century; having been built over the remains of an even older one, where Jesus is believed to have taught himself in the Holy Land. The most significant finding for Christianity is the home of Apostle Peter in Capernaum, where Jesus might have spent quite some time or possibly even lived there himself. While it was reconstructed as an octagonal church during Byzantine times, it had already been used as a place of worship by the first Christians. Thus the Early Church is rooted in the village of Capernaum.
Capernaum can be counted among the most important sites of Christianity in the Holy Land, especially for its beauty and spiritual meaning.

Project description and objectives in the Holy Land.

The project “Capernaum- the city of Jesus in the Holy Land” is to conserve and restore the “town of Jesus in the Holy Land” as an archaeological and biblical site, bringing to bear its spiritual message. Christian pilgrims and tourists are greeted by derelict infrastructure and poor explanations, at present. Plans for a new concept of Capernaum, the town of Jesus, have already been drawn up, and are now awaiting implementation.

Capernaum’s site’s decayed entrance area is to get much-needed infrastructure, e.g. parking lots, lavatories and additional paths for an improved guide system. A small visitor centre with explanations of Capernaum’s historic and spiritual meaning: In order to bring a better understanding to the visitor, classical and multimedia based exhibits will be employed. Inter alia the display of the site’s archaeological findings and an educational trial with many new models.

Your support makes it possible to conserve and restore Capernaum’s pilgrimage site, so future generations will be able to experience the events, which took place more then 2000 years ago in the town of Jesus in the Holy Land.

Help support the Holy Places. Maintain the Christian Community in the Holy Land

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The project of Capernaum

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