A new educational meeting for the Missionary Friars in Jerusalem

The three-yearly cycle of meetings for the new missionaries of the Holy Land continues.For the friars who have come to serve at the Custody and who have arrived in the last three years, these meetings arise from the need for education and knowledge on the rules regulating the life and the mission of the Order of Friars Minor in the Middle East.
The missionaries of the Friars Minor, from all over the world, gathered in the convent of St. Saviour in Jerusalem on Saturday 20th October, to listen to Fr. DobromirJasztal, Custodial Vicar, speaking on the Statutes of the Custody of the Holy Land.

Coming from other situations, other Provinces and other contexts,” Fr. Dobromirexplained, “the new missionaries need help for their training and to understand the specific nature of this mission so, periodically, these meetings are included in the continuing education programme."
Each subject dealt with is put into a historical and pastoral context, to then conclude with the legislative aspect. "During the meetings,” Fr. Dobromircontinues, “different topics of the Statutes are presented, starting from the specific definition of “Custody” and continuing with the structure of Governance, in-depth study on the Holy Places and, lastly, we speak about Ecumenism and the Status Quo".

These are only some of the activities which are part ofContinuing Education coordinated by the head of the department, Fr. Marcelo Cichinelli, Guardian of the Convent of St. Saviour in Jerusalem. “In this three-yearly cycle we offer in-depth study on all the dimensions of the life of the Custody in general,” Fr. Marcelo commented."Many of the missionary friars are Guardians, Superiors, Heads of Custodial Offices. Those who come here have to know where we are and that there are very great differences to be taken into consideration, due to the particular context we are in."

Various meetings are scheduled and many Franciscan friars are involved: Islam, Judaism and the Oriental Churches will be discussed, as well as the Seminar and Continuing Education. Other subjects, such as the Schools, the pastoral work of the Parishes and the presence and the work done at a distance by the Commissars of the Holy Land will also be covered. The lectures will be followed by an intense week of visits to some important places, including the Holy Sepulchre, the Museum of Israel and the Tower of David Museum.

Giovanni Malaspina