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Light in Jerusalem 2012

2012-06-12 Actuality, Events and Society

Jerusalem, the city of the golden light and suggestive rose-colored sunsets. A millennial beauty , Jerusalem in these days changes its aspect when the sun sets and turns on a new magic .... the one of thousands of lights and colors, attracting hundreds of people every night. Either projected on the very ancient walls or installed among the citys' legendary monuments, the lighting of Jerusalem Festival of Lights makes it an enchanted place from fairytales to reality .... surrounding it in a huge embrace of light that gets narrower along the city wall's path. Shows, music and installation work by Israeli and international artists come back to enchant the audience this year, again, from June 6 to the 14th .... Jerusalem Light Festival fourth meeting. Visitors converge here from cities, neighborhoods and different countries ... the Festival offers an opportunity to meet and be close, something rare, to which the public responds enthusiastically: Last year the Festival of lights proved to be successful, attracting 250,000 people. Three routes marked by blue, green and orange lights, lead through the narrow, medieval streets , winding along the Armenian, Jewish and Christian Quarters ... inviting people to discover enchanting games of light and avant-garde street entertainment. Waiting for sunrise, one dances, observes and is surprised The ultra-modern illumination lightens millenial monuments, merging the temporal dimension; the lights defy darkness and accompany Jerusalem's long hours of darkness. The most famous monuments are dressed in a new light. Nothing appears as it was, even for who has long known Jerusalem ... a night spell that will fade just like in fairy tales, only with the arrival of dawn and a new day's magic.