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Learning about Icons


Family of the Visitation

"We give a course that is very didactic. It aims to teach even those who have never picked up a brush to make lines or spread colors, so that they will be able to write and to paint the Lord, “the Word of God” that became flesh, the “image of the Almighty”.

The course on Icons given by Andrea Bergamini is really open to everyone: ten intense days for those who want to experiment in creating an icon with brush and colors. The course is now in its second year, and with 20 participants it has even exceeded the course last year, so much so that it is necessary to have different classes to accommodate the previous attainments of each participant.
In the halls of the Custody of the Holy Land, at Saint Saviour’s, there is room for whoever wants to perform as a painter, to learn how to mix colours, use brushes, and discover the art of drawing and painting. But it is also a great opportunity - Andrea tells us - to rediscover this ancient and noble art form.

Famiglie della Visitazione

"... and to translate it and transfer it to our chapels and places of prayer. So it is more than a rediscovery, or the removing of dust from an old art form: it is the immersion of oneself into a very rich and ancient tradition about which we know very little."