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iBreviary Pro Terra Santa


iBreviary Pro Terra Santa is now available in the new version for Android phones and tablets.
After a long period of study and work, the new version is ready to offer something both timely and useful to those who wish to pray on the move, and especially for those who wish to remain in spiritual connection with the Holy Land.

The application, created by Fr. Paolo Padrini, was made possible thanks to a strong and meaningful partnership with the Custody of the Holy Land. Made by the developer Libero Rodofili, the Italian studio NetguruLtd,. and from iLabora s.r.l., it is easy to add, thanks to the implementation of all its functions by other applications already developed for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Many new items in this version: full support for English, Spanish, Portuguese (for which they are now inserting the liturgical texts), German and French, in addition to texts available in Latin, as well as Vetus Ordo and theAmbrosian Rite (nearing completion).

A new mechanism for downloading texts was also implemented. It is now possible to download subsequent days in different languages, or even the entire week.

Most importantly is the provision of Liturgical texts of the Custody of the Holy land, which can be displayed by activating the appropriate selector (enter further into the application by clicking on the “stamp” of the Custody), and in the future it is also planned to include the Calendar of particular celebrations of Custody.

Also in this version, the Custody will offer a new service in favor of the universal Church: iBreviary will include liturgical texts for various religious orders (at present theSalesians, but the texts are also being prepared for the Franciscan family and other orders), which can be used, in common texts along with their proper liturgical texts.

The news does not end there. Many new features facilitate easy reading. It is possible to change the background style on which to view the text: the parchment style can be easily changed to display a “white background”. The application already included the function to enable the enlargement of characters for easy reading of liturgical texts.

This version is compatible with Android devices (both smartphones and tablet), as well as the new Amazon Kindle Fire device.

The application is available from Google Play Store and the Amazon Store at the following addresses: