Holy Tuesday: the singing of the Passion leads us toward the Resurrection. | Custodia Terrae Sanctae

Holy Tuesday: the singing of the Passion leads us toward the Resurrection.

The Franciscans of the Custody live Holy Week with particular solemnity in the sanctuaries of the Holy Land, which they protect. In Jerusalem this Tuesday, two morning celebrations allowed the friars and the faithful who joined them to hear the singing of the Passion for the second time.

After being chanted on Palm Sunday at the altar of the Apparition to Mary Magdalene, it was chanted again today at the Holy Sepulcher, but this time in front of the empty tomb during a solemn mass at which the singing of the Passion according to Saint Matthew ascended to the vaulted ceilings.

It was particularly beautiful because aside from being sung well, the chant resonated in the almost empty and silent Basilica. (Click here for a short video on YouTube.) Its beauty silenced the few groups who entered and stood immobile before continuing their visit in silence. Mass continued in the same atmosphere of serene recollection.

The Passion was chanted no less solemnly at the **Monastery of the Flagellation**.

Fra Claudio Bottini, was the principal concelebrant with the Custodial Vicar, Fra Artemio Vitores, and Fra Noël Muscat. The mass was served by the seminary friars, many of whom had come to join with the **Studium Biblicum Franciscanum** community. A few of the local faithful or pilgrims who have come to live Holy Week with the Custody were able to find places to sit inside the Chapel or outside, where benches had been placed for them.

After light refreshment shared in a fraternal spirit, each person, permeated with the sweet melody of the Passion, continued on his way toward the Resurrection.

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