First Sunday of Advent | Custodia Terrae Sanctae

First Sunday of Advent

The time of expectation has begun: adventus!

Jesus reminds us with words of passion to be always on watch and pray !

Who is taken in sleep does not have the opportunity to realize that he must live the today ; to stay awake, arise, be ready, this must be the source to act according to 2 paths: await the coming of the Lord; and waiting requests commitment.

The Lord will come! The Good News of the Gospel.

A heritage of certainty in a faith that hopes; that is a YES in our life time, which is not a fatalistic expectation for better days but a certainty of the love of a presence, the one of our fathers God , who brings history to the goal of communion.

Every expectation must not make us be defenseless, it must on the contrary be the reason to make a new commitment.

Man's commitment for faith is not the materialistic way of affect, but the duty to give, a reciprocal giving which enriches, the gifts/charisma that God's kindness gave to us.

This commitment will determine the sense of our being and living our choices responsibly, which will win over the fatalistic hypocrisy and anything that is taken for granted.

Who believes, hopes and loves, gives himself, gives to the others what he has received.

Expectation becomes prayer, the prayer that enlightens the days of expectation, the last day that will bring us to the desired communion.

Have a nice Advent time!

F. Marcello Badalamenti, OFM