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Feast of the Sacred Heart

8 June 2012

Bethlehem, Friday the 8th of June, the 'triple' Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ended. The feast began on Wednesday at the Salesian Convent, with a solemn mass presided by Father Johny Bahbah, priest from the Latin Patriarchate, with the participation of many priests and religious, and celebrated in the Salesian Fathers church in the Old City. This feast recalls three concurrences: the feast of the Sacred Heart, the feast of the Corpus Domini and the International Eucharist congress in Dublin.
The Mayor of Bethlehem, Dr Victor Batarsi, participated at the mass with many faithful coming from nearby towns, also with a Muslim representation from the city.

At the mass's conclusion, the traditional procession of the Holy Sacrament was followed by priests, scouts and faithful, walking through the narrow streets of the town, passing by the Syrian Orthodox Church, arriving at the Nativity square, where the prayer of adoration took place with all the faithful that were waiting in the square.

Following the prayer, the procession returned back, passing again in the quarters and among the houses of the Old City, inviting everybody to adoration and prayer, reaching the Salesian Church, for the final benediction of the Holy Sacrament.

Article: Ilham Marshi - Doni Ferrari
Photo: Bishara Musallam