The Custody of the Holy Land launches its new website for the Sanctuary of Peterʼs House in Capernaum | Custodia Terrae Sanctae

The Custody of the Holy Land launches its new website for the Sanctuary of Peterʼs House in Capernaum

Jerusalem, May 7th, 2012

Building upon the success of its website for the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Custody of the Holy Land is now offering to all pilgrims and devotees the possibility to learn more about the “City of Jesus” through a new website dedicated to the Sanctuary of Capernaum, with enhanced graphics and updated materials in four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish.
The contents, divided into thematic sections, will accompany visitors in their discovery and understanding of the place that is Capernaum, where Jesus lived and worked.
The Virtual Photo Tour of the archaeological site allows people to immerse themselves in the remains of the village and, thanks to state-of-the art 3D archaeological reconstructions, they will be able to carry out a journey in time above the House of the apostle Peter!
The unveiling of the website for Capernaum represents the second stage of a Project for renovating the Internet sites of the Sanctuaries, a project conceived by the Franciscan Custody to assist pilgrims coming to the Holy Land as well as others who wish to find information on the Sanctuaries.

Every pilgrim who has the opportunity to visit the Holy Places experiences a strong emotion upon seeing for himself the Sanctuary of Capernaum, where he is able to reflect on the living presence of Jesus in this place.
The website features themes linked to history and archaeology, visits, spirituality, and testimonies of those who have visited the place.
The “History and archaeology” section begins by tracing the life of the village, following which there are contributions relating to the archaeological excavations carried out by the Franciscans and their discovery of the House of the apostle Peter.
The “Visit” section presents the different areas of the excavations and provides, by means of virtual photography and 3D reconstructions based on the archaeological discoveries, a complete cross-section of the site from its origins until the present time.
The “Spirituality” section allows the pilgrim to enter into the context of the Sanctuary, providing insights into themes linked to the life of Jesus Christ in this place.
Finally, the “Witnesses” section brings together a series of passages chosen from the works of ancient and modern pilgrims and archaeologists, providing additional interesting information for those who wish to deepen their understanding of Capernaum.

One of the goals of the Franciscan Custody is to provide everyone with the possibility to enter the Holy Places by means of 360o tours, allowing them to experience for themselves the beauty of each individual Sanctuary.
For the site of Capernaum the Custody has gone even further than this! Alongside the virtual photography produced by Marco Gavasso, for the first time reconstructive tours of Peter’s House are presented, permitting one to readily understand the principal phases of the development of this holy place: the residential dwelling from the end of the first century BC, the Domus Ecclesiae of the fourth century AD, and the Octagonal church from the Byzantine era.
Developed by Luciano Pugliese and Antonio Leopardi using state-of-the-arttechniques of virtual archaeology, the 3D reconstructions, in addition to their strong visual impact, allow the visitor to satisfy his or her curiosity about questions large and small through a click of the mouse, thanks to the large number of explanatory notes that are included.
While of course by no means a substitute for a real visit, the virtual visit will give everyone the possibility to experience a truly unique “digital” pilgrimage to the evocative “City of Jesus”.

Nearly ten years after the original launch of the sites of the Sanctuaries under the care of Fr. John Abela OFM, the Custody is undertaking a Project for renovating the Internet sites of the Sanctuaries of the Holy Land.
The aim of the project, guided by the Custody’s Secretary Fr. Silvio Rogelio de la Fuente OFM and coordinated by Paolo Padrini, is to update the sites with quality content prepared by Emanuela Compri and Valeria Vestrelli and revised by the Franciscan Fathers from the Studium Biblicum and the Custody, taking full advantage of the new technologies offered by the Web.
During the course of the next quarter sites for the sanctuaries of Gethsemane, the Nativity and the Annunciation will also be launched.