The General Secretary of the Custody is a member of the Curia. He is not the private secretary of the Custos: this position is currently held by a lay person. He is, above all, at the service of all the mechanisms of the Custody, including, in the first place, the Discretorium. He prepares the agenda of the meetings of the Discretorium, subsequently drawing up the minutes and ensuring the implementation of the decisions that have been taken. He is responsible for all the correspondence of the Custody with the Universal Church, with the local Church of all confessions and rites, with the Franciscan Order and the Commissars of the Holy Land and, in the last place, with all the friars, as required by the service. He is also involved in most of the administrative affairs of the Custody.

Fr. David Grenier, current Holy Land's Secretary

Fr. David Grenier
Born in Sherbrooke, Canada, 18th March 1977
He made his first profession 16th September 2010 and his first solemn profession 4th October 2014.
He was ordained a priest on 29th June 2015.