JPIC - Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

"Just like in the past - and today - when a church or bell tower is built, we put the image of a rooster on top of the roof as a symbol of vigilance for the faith and for the whole program of the Christian life; in the same way, on the spiritual building of the Council we've placed this Committee whose only function is to keep the eye of the Church awake, its sensitive heart and hands ready for the charitable work, "in order to promote the advancement of the poorest peoples and promote social justice among nations". Pope Paul VI

One outcome of the Second Vatican Council was the Church's desire to focus on Justice and Peace in the world. Following this resolution, every ecclesiastical province has started a special Commission for Justice and Peace with a central office at the Vatican.

Therefore, the Franciscan family has also created its own Committee for Justice and Peace in all its provinces and with a central office in Rome, but adding the attention and care for the environment, in line with the Franciscan spirituality. For this reason our committees are called Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC).

The mission:
  • To enlighten God's people, especially members of the Institute, on everything that relates to national justice and international development, human rights, peace and integrity of creation.
  • To make aware the members of their religious institute of the need to re-found his own style of life and mission in a world afflicted by great injustice, violence and poverty, in line with our beliefs.
  • To encourage the efforts of religious men and women, Christians and citizens in the field of socio-political and public activities.
  • To make effective the contribution of the Institute by promoting actions in favor of justice, human rights, peace and integrity of creation.

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