Searching for the Christian roots in Jerusalem

The pilgrimage is a visit to God’s places and where He chose to set up his tent in our midst, for a direct encounter between men and the Lord.

This is why, for the pilgrim, the Holy Land is in absolute the dearest piece of land.

The pilgrimage is the personal journey of the believer in the footsteps of the Salvific path of the Calvary: an exercise of active ascent, of repentance by human weakness, of constant vigilance compelled by our fragility and interior preparation to a change in our heart.

This applies in particular to modern man, lost in the multitude of problems related to daily life and who, for this very reason, has a greater need to find himself again.
To do so, however he needs reflection, meditation, prayer, silence and self-examination, to turn the physical journey into a “path for the soul”.

To return to his origins as well as to the roots of his faith, the pilgrim must let himself be guided by some fundamental attitudes.