Jerusalem, Stones of memory in the Holy land

The project is part of a larger program launched by the Custody of the Holy Land with the aim of providing aid to the poorest families. This project has a positive direct influence on many Christian families who have no income and contributes to safeguarding their presence in Holy Lands and in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem houses

A program is underway thanks to the initial contribution of the Lombardia Region. This entails the securing, renovating, renovation and improvement of the sanitary conditions of various buildings belonging to Terra Sancta in the Old City of Jerusalem.
The Custody owns around 450 habitable units within the city walls of the Old City of Jerusalem which are rented almost rent-free to poor families.
In the first phase of the project, urgent restoration work has been done, concentrating on the hygiene aspect in some houses so that people can live there with dignity and feel no need to abandon the Old City. However, these works have not been very systematic.

Jerusalem children

For this reason, a detailed plan is being defined by using up-to-date technology and planning methods, in order to improve monitoring, surveys, restoration and architectural conservation of the housing development and public buildings belonging to the Custody of the Holy Land within the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

“There is a need to encourage and to provide firm support to those who choose to remain faithful to their land, so that it will not become an archaeological site bereft of Church life…I therefore offer all my support to the initiatives which you are undertaking in order to contribute to the socio-economic conditions which will help those Christians who have stayed in their country, and I urge the whole Church to provide strong support to these efforts” – Benedict XVI

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Jerusalem, stones of memory

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