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The youth from the Holy Land on their way to the 28th Franciscan March

This year, about 90 youth participated in the 28th Franciscan March in the Holy Land. On July 27, the youth from age 18 to 28 began their journey, under the guidance of Br. Emad Rofael, the director of youth ministry. The march started in Ebilin (the village of Saint Mariam Bawardi), and then headed toward Reneh at 4 a.m. The young people are called to experience a strong experience of faith, personal reflection and sharing. On July 30, the youth went from Reneh to Nazareth. Among the highlights were the candlelight procession in honor of the Virgin Mary on the evening of July 30 and the prayer vigil on July 31.

The young people of the Franciscan March will then head toward Mount Tabor. On August 2, the Solemnity of the Forgiveness of Assisi is scheduled with a mass celebrated by the Custos of the Holy Land. On August 3, Br. Emad will close the march. “May the Lord help us with his grace on our journey toward him,” said Br. Emad.

2018/07/31 Part 01

2018/07/31 Part 02

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Vigil of Christmas. Bethlehem: 13.30 Entrance of the Archbishop & I Vespers - 16.00 Procession - 23.30 Office & 00.00 Mass - 1.45 Procession to the Grotto


Nativity of the Lord. Bethlehem (St. Catherine): 10.00 Mass Shepherds' Field (Greek & Catholic): 14.00 Pilgrimage


Feast St. Stephen, Protomartyr. St. Stephen: 16.00 Pilgrimage


Feast of the Holy Innocents. Bethlehem:10.00 Mass - 14.00 II Vespers (Vicar CTS)


Octave of Christmas. Beit Sahour: Holy Angels ad pastores

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