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Discover the Summer 2017 edition of the Holy Land Review

The Holy Land Review is the english review of the Custody of the Holy Land. Through articles by experts, The Holy Land Review aims to provide in-depth knowledge of the complex situation of the Holy Land. Covering religious, cultural, biblical, archaeological and ecumenical issues. The Holy Land Review (52 color pages) is a magazine published four times a year (spring, summer, fall, winter).

In this issue of The Holy Land Review, we are brought closer than ever to the central belief of our faith: The Tomb is empty. He is risen! You may ask, how so?
Earlier this year, as part of an essential restoration and cleaning of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, we witnessed a rare opportunity to pull back the stones and see the original Tomb. Our reports take you inside the restoration of the resting place for Jesus. For those who participated in this amazing restoration, it was a life-changing event.

Current events often focus on Syria. While severely damaged, Franciscan parishes are still providing sacramental ministry and humanitarian aid. A report and photos from the Aleppo parish is very moving. You also will be interested to read the article about the founding of Christianity in Syria. Because I have walked there many times, I was especially interested in the background article on the Damascus Gate, one of the most beautiful and best-known entrances to Jerusalem. It is hopeful to think that one day the gate again will provide a direct and peaceful route to the Syrian capital.

Who was St. George and why is he so important to the Holy Land? As a Palestinian Christian martyr, he was a soldier who made a stand for his faith. Today, his saintly example is well known in the Holy Land.

Father Michael Perry, minister general of the Franciscans, discusses his recent trip to the Holy Land and proposes new initiatives for the mission there.

Finally, a pilgrimage article about the Sea of Galilee reminds us how important this area was to the ministry of Jesus. It is the setting for many Gospel stories. Enjoy this description of what some have called the headquarters for Jesus’ ministry.

Today, pilgrims are welcomed to Christian sites throughout the Holy Land. Most of these sites are served by Franciscans who have been entrusted with the care of the shrines since the time of St. Francis, almost 800 years ago. Please consider joining a pilgrimage soon.

As this summer issue of The Holy Land Review gives you time for reflection on the past, the present and the future. I hope it gives you inspiration for the journey ahead.

Larry C. Dunham, OFM
Guardian and Publisher

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