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Holy Sepulcher Special video: discovering the Basilica of the Resurrection

The whole history of the Basilica of the Resurrection is outlined in a video. The Christian Media Center has put out this special report that traces the history of the Holy Sepulcher from Saint Helen’s rediscovery of the sanctuary to the present day and to the recent restoration work. Destroyed and rebuilt at various times, the Holy Sepulcher has been guarded by Franciscan friars since 1342. The authoritative voices of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum and the archaeologist of the Custody, Fr. Eugenio Alliata, talk about the restoration work that took place in the 1980s (by Fr. Virgilio Corbo) and the work that was concluded last March with an ecumenical ceremony. The special report also goes into the physical space of the Holy Sepulcher, showcasing the chapels and the altars can currently be found inside of the shrine’s sacred walls. The place of Christ’s resurrection is thus a place of archaeological significance, but above all it is a place of prayer, faith and devotion.

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