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Annual pilgrimage to the church of Saint Anne

Annual pilgrimage to the church of Saint Anne

On 8th September, liturgical feast of the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Friars Minor went on a traditional annual pilgrimage to the church of Saint Anne in Jerusalem, in order to commemorate the Mother of God in the traditional holy place where she was born.

The Mass was celebrated in French and was presided by Rev. Fr. Paul Sylvestre OFM. A good number of concelebrants were also present for the occasion, including the White Fathers, who reside at Saint Anne's. According to tradition, the Consul General of France and his wife also participated in the celebration.

At the end of the celebration refreshments were served to the faithful present, many of whom represented various religious congregations working in the Holy Land.

2005/09/12 - Annual pilgrimage to the church of Saint Anne

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