Vocations “come and follow me”

The ingress into the year of Postulancy

After an adequate preparation, on 2nd October 2017 in a simple but profound celebration at the sixth hour prayers, with great joy 10 new postulants from 10 diverse nations had their official ingress into the year of postulancy at the St. Fortunate convent chapel. The celebration was presided by the delegate of the Custodian of the Holy Land, Fra. Raffaello Tonello, guardian of the St. Fortunate convent in the presence of Fra. Antonio Milazzo, maestro of the postulants and the other members of the community.
The celebration began with a Franciscan chant and two readings, a tract from the first life of St. Francis of Assisi according to Thomas of Celano; and an extract from the Gospel, which introduced them to the New Year that awaits them. Later the aspirants completed the rite of ingress and received the tau sign of the cross, which St. Francis selected for himself and his brothers; and the Franciscan Font to help them along in their journey. The celebration concluded with the chanting of the “Salve Sancte Pater” followed by a moment of fraternal sharing and lunch with all the brothers.


Events calendar


Vigil of Christmas. Bethlehem: 13.30 Entrance of the Archbishop & I Vespers - 16.00 Procession - 23.30 Office & 00.00 Mass - 1.45 Procession to the Grotto


Nativity of the Lord. Bethlehem (St. Catherine): 10.00 Mass Shepherds' Field (Greek & Catholic): 14.00 Pilgrimage


Feast St. Stephen, Protomartyr. St. Stephen: 16.00 Pilgrimage


Feast of the Holy Innocents. Bethlehem:10.00 Mass - 14.00 II Vespers (Vicar CTS)


Octave of Christmas. Beit Sahour: Holy Angels ad pastores

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