Vocations “come and follow me”

Franciscan March

On August the 2nd , day of Our Lady of the Angels (Santa Maria degli Angeli) we undertook a small march from our convent at Montefalco towards the Papal Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, the Porziuncola, in a walk of almost 6 hours (25 km) passing through medieval villages and little towns distinctive from the Spoleto valley.
We left early in the morning, 4 a.m., with a sack and a flashlight we took the road that conduces to the “Forgiveness of Asis”. Between moments of silence, prayer and fraternity we felt like we were just as the first friars, next to Saint Francis, that use to travel all over the Umbrian valley walking on foot, preaching the gospel to all the creatures through the example and the word. On the road we did two breaks, the first one at Bevagna, a medieval village from Roman Origin where, according to the historical fonts, Saint Francis passed by in several occasions; in fact, at Bevagna took place the well-remembered scene where the saint preached to the birds, immortalized by Giotto in his frescoes. Afterwards, we continue our way towards La Porziuncula walking through wheat and sunflower fields and around 7 a.m., we did our second stop at Cannara, a few kilometres away from the Basilica, where we did the prayer of Lauds and we took breakfast. The last part of the march was the hardest because we were tired of the long walk and exhausted due to the high temperature of the summer, nevertheless, in front of us, it appeared the gigantic cupola of the papal basilica, although it look as if the walk was endless. Finally, at 9.30 a.m. we arrived to the basilica.
Right after entering to the basilica, we were anxious for receiving the full indulgency of our sins, through the forgiveness of Asis, thus we did our confession and then we continue towards the chapel of La Porziuncola where, after crossing its walls and fulfilling the requirements, we received the indulgency. The solemn mass began at 11.00 and was celebrated by Cardinal Pietro Parolin (Secretary of the Vatican State) and the Umbrian bishops. By the end of the celebration, we went to the main square ahead of the basilica to receive several groups of pilgrims that came walking from all over Italy and Europe with the main goal of transforming their lives, asking God for his forgiveness. At the end of the day, we returned to the convent, giving praise to God for the gift that He gave us of being at the “Forgiveness of Asis” that has been a date and a place for encounter, faith and conversion for over 800 years.


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