Vocations “come and follow me”

An alternative afternoon

On Saturday 27 May at the convent of Saint Fortunatus, the fraternity of postulants received the kids of the local parish of San Bartolommeo for an afternoon of catechism and games. Due to the patron saint feast of Montefalco, the day of Saint Fortunatus next 1 June, both the parish priest and the community of Franciscan friars, decided to have a didactic day at their convent with around 80 kids that are preparing for the first communion and confirmation. The convent, in fact, keeps the relics of Saint Fortunatus from the V century A.D. and it is said that the saint use to live and pray as a hermit at the grottos in the surrounding woods. In that matter, the afternoon began with a brief introduction from the parish priest that explained the purpose of the day, thus get to know life of the saints, as well as the current life of the Franciscan community and the postulants. Each postulant introduced himself and for the group of kids coming all from Montefalco, Italy, was a big surprise getting to know young men coming from so far, Iraq, Lebanon, Ecuador or Colombia. Afterward, the activities began, divided in two stations. The first location was down the hill in the grotto of Saint Fortunatus, where a group of postulants performed a scene of the life of the saint, some singing, praying and finally a moment of question and answer between the kids and the postulants. The second station was up the hill, where other group of postulants did a short monologue of the life of Saint Severus (the second saint of Montefalco, whose relics are also at the convent) and later a moment of competitions and joyful games together. By the end of the day, the postulants created two scenarios where the kids could take a picture with their favorite character, while the friars offered everyone refreshments in order to live a moment of fraternal sharing, the Franciscan community, postulants and the parishioners.


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