Vocations “come and follow me”

May, Month of Mary

May is a special month that the church has named as the month of Mary, a month dedicated to deepen and meditate the life of the Virgin Mary, the mother of our Saviour. In that matter, the community of the postulancy at Montefalco has lived the entire month in an actively way, trying to honour with simple details our Mother and intercessor, Mary of Nazareth. Therefore, the fraternity did a solemn altar dedicated to the Immaculate Conception at their chapel and every day each member of the community of postulants was in charge of decorating and embellishing it with the beautiful flowers that the spring brought. Moreover, after the vespers there was a special moment of prayer and singing with a Marian theme, organized by someone different every day, bringing to the fraternal prayer a particular element of Marian devotion from the culture of origin. At mid-May, the fraternity did a pilgrimage to the Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows in Castelpetroso, sanctuary where the teacher of franciscanism and spiritual director of the postulants, Fr. Maurizio Erasmi, lives and serves as the Guardian and Rector of the Basilica. Three days were lived between prayer and liturgical services in the Sanctuary dedicated entirely to the meditation of the life of the Virgin Mary and her sorrows. In fact, from the basilica up into the woods, there is the so-called Via Matris, which is the pathway that conduces into the grotto of the apparition through the meditation of the seven sorrows of Mary, distributed in seven stations. Up in the grotto, the sorrowful mother appeared to three shepherds in 1888 and since then the location became an important pilgrimage and devotional place, well known in the southern regions of the Italian peninsula. Leaving the sanctuary, the postulants did two brief visits in other remarkable sanctuaries in the zone of the Monte Mattese National Park, the worldwide known Abbey of Monte Cassino and the Sanctuary of Saint John Joseph of the Cross in Piedemonte Mattese. After the pilgrimage, the postulants continued their daily activities and the 30th May celebrated in the convent the conclusion of the Marian month with all the parishioners of Montefalco, which was a beautiful moment to honour Mary with the prayer of the rosary, the meditation of the mysteries of the rosary and finally the serenade to our Mother and Protector.


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