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Pilmigrage To Cortona

Last Thursday 23rd February, the fraternity of postulants of Montefalco went into a pilgrimage to the city of Cortona in Toscana, which is a very significant place to the story of the Franciscanism. The city is remarkable for two reasons, firstly because San Francis use to visit the place sometimes as a hermit, some other times as a preacher. Secondly because it was the birth and death place of two big Franciscan personalities: Br. Elias (One of the first partners of Francis and First general minister of the order) and Saint Marguerite (member of the Third Order, penitent and master of charity).
In addition, early in the morning after the prayer of lauds and the celebration of the Holy Mass, the postulants together with their master did the visit to the Sanctuary of Saint Marguerite, where is preserve her body. After some time of prayer, the rector of the Sanctuary, Br. Stephan, gave a brief speech of the story of the saint, the Sanctuary and the Franciscan convent, preaching the group for a deeper comprehension of the spiritual message of the Saint, explaining the two big pillars of religious life: charity and prayer.
After the visit to the Franciscan Sanctuary of Saint Marguerite, the following visit was the “Eremo delle Celle” which is a beautiful capuchin convent in the surroundings of Cortona. The friary is located in the slope of the mountain, in the middle of the wilderness and next to a waterfall; the place has been inhabited for over 800 years, in fact saint Francis itself use to come to pray as a hermit when he was on his way to the mountain of “La Verna”. Next to the waterfall is preserved the cell of Saint Francis, which is a natural room made by the rocks, where he use to pass the night. Nowadays, the convent is a house for spiritual retreats and prayer, following the capuchin spirituality.
At the end of the day, the postulants did a walk through the medieval streets of the city. They visit the church of San Francis, belonging to the “Frati Minori Conventuali”, where is preserved the body of Br. Elias and a relic of the holy Cross from the byzantine period. Their last stop was the Cathedral and the Cortona’s Diocesan Museum of art, where it was possible to see great masterworks from Beato Angelico, Signorelli, Perugino among other Italian artists from the late-middle ages. To conclude, in the afternoon the group returned to Montefalco, not before doing a brief stop at the border of the Trasimeno lake, place where Saint Francis use to pass the Lent.


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