Vocations “come and follow me”

A day in Cortona

On Saturday 22 of February, Cortona, a small village near Arezzo, celebrated the feast of S. Margherita, the patron saint of the parish. We had the grace to be there, to attend the big celebration, at eleven o’clock, with many priests and a crowded church. From this S. Francisco’s daughter we learnt once more how to live according to the Gospel, in poverty and happiness, in a deep relationship with the Lord, as S. Margherita did. After the service we had lunch in the convent next to the church, where we met the novices of the order coming from La Verna, in Tuscany.
In the afternoon we moved to the so called “Le Celle” a Franciscan hermitage which preserves the memory of the passage of S. Francisco: it’s a very wonderful and silent area, beside the tradition tells us that here, the saint, composed his Last, just 4 months before his death in the 1226.
We thank the Lord for such a lovely day in this marvelous place, accompanied by a bright sun and a quite warm weather.

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St. Mary Magdalene. Holy Sepulchre: 8.00 Mass


Feast of St. James, Apostle. Jaffa in Galilee: 18.00 Mass


Ss. Joachim & Anna. Seforis: 18.00 Mass


Bethany: Ss. Lazarus, Mary & Martha. Mass 6.30 (Tomb) – 08.00 (Church) Ascension, Pater Noster: Pilgrimage


Feast - Transifiguration of the Lord. Tabor: 10.30 Mass (Custos)

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