January/February 2012

Vocations “come and follow me”

February 2012

27-29/02 – Rome, Delegation of the Holy Land: Canonical Visit

19-21/02 – Cyprus: Second annual session of the Discretorium of the Holy Land

14/02 – Tel Aviv (university): Lecture on the contribution of the Custody to the history the of art and architecture of the Holy Land

13/02 – Urbino (Italy): Meeting with the students of the University

12/02 – Fabriano (Italy): Diocesan day of awareness-raising Pro Terra Sancta

08-11/02 – Rome, Montefalco, La Verna: Various meetings with the heads of the initial formation of the Custody

06/02 – Extraordinary Assembly of the Ordinaries of the Holy Land

01-04/02 – Jerusalem, 3rd International Conference of the Commissaries of the Holy Land

January 2012

30/1-04/2 – Jerusalem: Third International Congress of the Commissars of the Holy Land

26/01 – Jerusalem: First annual session of the Discretorium of the Holy Land

23-25/01 – Flagellation, Jerusalem: Canonical Visit

20/01 – Mount Tabor: Meeting of the Guardians and Superiors of Galilee

19/01 – Jerusalem: Meeting of the Guardians and Superiors of Judea

18/01 – Bethphage: Canonical Visit

17/01 – Tabgha: Canonical Visit

16/01 – Capharnaum: Canonical Visit

15/01 – Cana in Galilee: Commemoration of the start of the Ministry of Jesus and laying of the first stone of the new parish centre and school

11/01 – Jaffa, St. Peter’s Church: Meeting of permanent formation for sacristans, sanctuary assistants and pilgrimage animators

09-14/01 – Jerusalem, Seminary: Meeting with the students

08/01 – Kasser el-Yahud, near Jericho: Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

06/01 – Bethlehem: Feast of the Epiphany

05/01 – Solemn Entrance into Bethlehem and First Vespers of Epiphany

01/01 – Jerusalem, Latin Patriarchate: Mass for Peace in the Holy Land

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Events calendar


XXVI Sun. in Ordinary Time. Emmaus: 10.30 Mass (Custos)


Damascus: St. Ananias. St. Saviour: 17.30 I Vespers


Solemnity of Our Holy Founder Francis of Assisi St. Saviour: 10.30 Solemn Mass - 17.00 II Vespers


Holy Sepulchre: The Good Thief


Caperhaum: 16.00 Solemn Entrance (Custos) – 17.00 Mass

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