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It is vitally important to let the whole world (both Christian and non-Christian) know about the Holy Land and the Christian presence in the Middle East, something that for many years has remained unknown. From the land where the Salvation took place, a message of truth and peace must be sent to people of every culture.

The situation in the Holy Land has, for a long time, been marked by complex political tensions, religious radicalism, a state of continuous emergency and social unrest. In this difficult context, the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land play a unique role by supporting the local community in various ways. The Franciscans feel the need to tell of the life, the needs and the hopes of this Holy Land of God and of the of the people who live here as well as the ‘unique’ value of the Holy Sites which they have been faithfully guarding for eight centuries in the Holy Land.

With the aim of creating a television and multimedia centre capable of crossing denominational boundaries and covering cultural and religious events within the Catholic, Orthodoz and Protestant Churches as well as Islam and Judaims, the Custody of the Holy Land created the Franciscan Media Centre near the Holy Land College.

The Franciscan Media Center

Opened in 2008, the Centre was created with the aim of showcasing the beauty and richness of the Holy Land, so often forgotten amongst media reports of violence and division.

In order to carry out this mission, the Franciscan Media Centre uses advanced technologies and a staff of expert journalists, cameramen and video makers capable of creating news, features and informative and entertaining material that is available to media and journalists across the world.

What the world knows and sees of this place is what the media reports every day: division, fear, suffering and conflict. But all this doesn’t diminish the image of the Land of God and all its historical, cultural, human and spiritual vitality. Hence the need to tell another ‘story’: to send out detailed and up-to-date information on the happenings and events, both secular and religious, that are taking place here.

Only by communicating and making accessible materials, features and news made by experts in the field direct from the Holy Sites is it possible to send out a message of peace to the whole world!

...we need your help to achieve some urgent and overriding priorities:

  • to support the Holy Land News (a news program already broadcast weekly in Italian) and to translate it into other languages for broadcast across all continents.
  • to produce features, documentaries and monographic video news.
  • to create an archive of materials that can be used by
  • journalists and the media across the world.

The Holy Land is a treasure for everyone that can and should be experienced even by those who are far away!

“The development of new technologies and (...) the whole digital world represent a great resource for the whole of humanity (...) a stimulus for comparison and dialogue (...) a great opportunity for believers” Benedict XVI

Help support the Holy Places. Maintain the Christian Community in the Holy Land

For more information send us an e-mail or call the following the number:, tel +972 2 6271165

Franciscan Multimedia Center

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